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Classical drug discovery uses 2D cell culture coupled with animal testing for preclinical studies. Neither 2D cell culture nor animal testing truly recapitulate the in vivo micro environments of cells in a human body. The paradigm shift is to use 3D cell culture in lab-on-a- chip devices that can faithfully mimic the in vivo conditions. With this modern drug discovery approach, costs can be reduced ten-fold, results can be achieved ten times faster, animal testing can be significantly reduced and personalized medicine can be realized.

Yet, current solutions have problems. At INITIO, we develop patented/patent-pending multi-functional lab-on-a-chip products and assays aimed at drug discovery. Thanks to our lab-on-a-chip products with innovative designs, different types of assays can simultaneously be performed using a single lab-on-a-chip product. Our products also deliver unique assays that no other lab-on-a-chip product on the market can.

We can help you deliver more drugs to the market, safer, cheaper. Let us save more lives together!

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