We provide cell-on-a-chip, image analysis service and consulting for both.


Microfluidics: Manipulation of liquids at the sub-millimetre scale. Small liquid volumes (pL) Precise spatial & temporal control Ability to successfully mimic the physiological context Automation High-throughput analysis Low fabrication costs Portability Safety

Image Analysis Service

We provide image analysis services for live cell/particle analysis (motility, chemotaxis, wound healing etc.), polarization analysis, as well as standard counting of particles/cells, measuring sizes of particles/cells from phase-contrast, brightfield, DIC, epi- or confocal fluorescence images.

Design of Experiments

From design of experiments to publication ready figures or successful drugs on the market, we are here to help your research excel!

About US


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Aydın Öztunalı

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Work experience of 20 + years in several industries and areas including state institutions. Expertise: Competition analysis, business development, investment Previous Affiliations: Mydas Consulting, KFD Investment, Turkish Antitrust Authority, Bank Ekspres Current Affiliation: INITIO
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Devrim Pesen Okvur Co-founder

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International and multidisciplinary research experience of more than 15 years. Expertise: Fabrication of lab-on-a-chips, cancer cell biology Previous affiliations: Johns Hopkins University, Karolinska Institute, Royal Institute of Technology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Current affiliation: Izmir Institute of Technology


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Sevgi Onal

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Expertise: Fabrication of lab-on-a-chips, bioprinting for cancer research Previous affiliations: University of California Los Angeles, University of Connecticut Current affiliation: Izmir Institute of Technology
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Nurullah Sati
Team Member

Technical and Design Support
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Expertise: Fabrication of lab-on-a-chips, CAD Current affiliation: Izmir Institute of Technology
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Sales Support Engineer
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Expertise:Fabrication of lab-on-a-chips, Strategic Marketing Previous affiliations: Balikesir University Current affiliation: Izmir Institute of Technology

Our Logo

“initio” comes from the Latin word “initium” meaning "entrance, beginning". We are entering a new phase in our academic journey where we have started a new enterprise. Our logo comprises of a spiral of droplets colored in orange and blue centered on the word “initio”: The droplets represent microfluidics. The orange color represents new beginnings full of energy while the blue color represents water, trust, elegance and order. The spiral represents continuous growth and excellence.

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